The blog is currently on time out and all articles are for the moment being private.

There are many reasons for this! But the trigger was that the blog was constantly being spammed in the comments, and there are no functionality for me to remove the ability to comment. Each comment triggered an email.

So, I were basically handling thousands of spam mails per serious enquiry.

Another thing is that I am convinced that Stav needs to be practiced and experienced, and that’s where the real knowledge is to be found! That is also the only way a practitioner can help to vitalize the tradition. But I did not get the impression that my articles actually generated much interest in actually practice this unique and very rare martial art and philosophical tradition.

As of now, I am considering what will happen with the articles, there are many hours spent on writing them, and countless hours spent on research on the subject. Perhaps they need to be published, but perhaps they deserve another format? We will see!

// Roland