Today I have spent many hours to correct the paragraphing after the upgrade I mentioned in my last post, six months ago.

After the upgrade the texts were full of unwanted line breaks and other things that really made a mess of most of my blog articles. I also took the opportunity to add some new headers and other minor editorial adjustments that made the texts easier to follow.

When browsing through all my texts, both English and Swedish, I noticed how much information I have shared over the last five years. This blog is source material to a tradition that has not been described in text format previously. In some cases when I read posts I had not read in a few years, I got the impression that I shared too much information! But I also noticed that I also left a lot of information out, reserved for those who actually commit to study and learn Stav.

There is only so much we can learn from text, any spiritual tradition or Martial Art for that matter, needs to be transmitted from one person to another if one wants to ensure to pass on as much information and knowledge as possible. Too many spiritual practitioners is just enthusiastic book collectors and readers.

Another thing that I realized was how many pictures I share. Perhaps the readers do not realize it, but all these pictures are taken by myself on my travels around Scandinavia. Each runestone and each cult place and each artifact was pictured by me.

Five years of English blog posts.

The first English post was published in the summer of 2015, and since then I have spent countless hours of writing about stav. Mainly because I find the tradition fascinating and feel the need to share information with others.  There is really a need for serious information about this tradition, over the last twenty years there has been so many misunderstandings and uneducated people feeling they have the right to express their flawed and irrelevant perspectives.

Over these years there have been a few people who really expressed their appreciation for the blog and the information within it. The encouraging emails I have received over the years has really made me happy, even though they are few and far in between. To most English speaking people interested in Norse spirituality, and even those within the English speaking Stav community, this blog has been pretty much anonymous. Even to the point where people within the English speaking Stav community was not even aware that the blog existed. In such a small community one would imagine that one of the few resources would not go under the radar?

Lately I were dragged into a few debates on Stav in English speaking “heathen” Facebook groups, and when sharing my blog link I realized that it actually did not make any difference, people did not even bother to read the articles, but they still felt entitled to “criticize” Stav. To be honest it is quite frustrating, I could understand that there were a lot of misunderstandings about Stav 20 years ago. But now when there is information and people are encouraged to read, they do not bother. But still they repeat the same old garbage that has been circling around for two decades. Amazing.

Anyway, since information did not seem to make much difference I made the decision to leave all English speaking heathen groups. There were no reason to bother.

Focus on the local development

I am really passionate about Stav and spreading knowledge about it and teaching it. But I have only so much time and I need to focus where I see progress. Here in Sörmland – Sweden, were I reside, I see a serious progress as the result of my work. We have established a small community with regular training, perhaps the most active and devoted Stav training group in existence?

We train twice every week, and for each year there is progress in both the practical and theoretical and spiritual understanding of Stav. We also celebrate many of the festivals and religious feasts within the Stav calendar together; it is not that complicated for us to be honest, since many of them correlate with Swedish festivities anyhow. But the important thing is that we regard Stav as a spiritual path, and a religious denomination of Norse Spiritualty. Stav is so complex and has so specific views on many aspects of Norse spirituality that it, besides Scandinavian Folklore, probably is the only path that qualifies to be labelled as a denomination in its own right.

English blog will be paused

So, with all the above in mind, I have decided not to write about Stav in English for some time. What I write does not seem to be of interest to enough people to make it worthwhile. I do not have the impression that I have helped the English Stav community to develop new perspectives, nor to gain a deeper understanding of the Scandinavian perspective. I do not feel that I have helped people within the mainstream English heathen community to see and realize that Stav can be a very fruitful way for those who wants to develop a relationship to Norse spirituality. I may reevaluate this standpoint over time, but for now it is the only option that makes sense.

Anyway, the blog will be up and running and the old posts will be left for anyone who may find the articles interesting. There is a lot of information in these articles! You can also google translate my Swedish blog, which some people have done, and from what they tell me the translation is crude but fairly understandable.

You are always free to send me an email if you have serious interest in the topic. However, it may take me time to answer; I do this in my spare time!